Newest birdy picture..;)

Tuesday, 18. June 2013


The original had sold and I LOVE these colourways soooo much….I made another one;)
Lots going on at the moment, but all will be revealed soon, so hang in there and I’ll fill you in as soon as I can!

Newest glass art pictures.

Tuesday, 11. June 2013



A New Picture!…

Tuesday, 4. June 2013


I’m loving making these at the moment, perfect as gifts or just because!
I’m just finishing a fishy one at the moment and a photo will be on later….perfect for the bathroom..;)

New beginnings

Thursday, 23. May 2013

Hang in there peeps….I will explain all in just a few more weeks.
For now however, here are some new things I’ve been sat on for some time and now are becoming reality!..;)







Brooches a plenty….

Wednesday, 1. May 2013

As pictured, the earrings and brooches are making their way on to my website. Soooo many more colours but I can’t sew fast enough!


Earrings on their way….

Wednesday, 1. May 2013



Saturday, 27. April 2013

After more than some time, I have new things to come. These include new earrings, brooches/hair clips and beads.
Pictures will be on tomorrow of the brooches/hair clips and some earrings, beads to follow…..but will definitely be within the next week.

Happy November the 1st…;o)

Thursday, 1. November 2012

Some lovely little earrings have just been added..

Nugget Earrings

I have few different bead sets to come too….over the weekend..;o)


No…you’re not seeing things!!…;p

Thursday, 18. October 2012

Hey guys… can now pick yourselves back up off the floor!!…;)

If you’ve got 5 minutes or more, grab a comfy seat and a mug or glass of your favourite drink and have a catch up……….

Things didn’t go quite to plan after OH’s back operation last Christmas and as much as I tried, I just couldn’t keep up:( Along with the news of our eldest daughter, that she was going to make us grandparents! She was still living at home….so the hunt was on to find them a house. May, they should have moved in…that didn’t happen until the end of August!! Baby “Miss Chloe” was born July 22nd..;o)

Youngest daughter was starting and now is at  ”Big” school…where does the time go!?

On top of that….myself and my OH are also getting married this December. Decided in June/July that after 26/27 years together it was time!! Knew that it wouldn’t be a traditional thing..(four children later and all those years…a tad hypocritical!) So decided abroad was the way to go….small and simple! HA!!….how wrong could I be!! Lapland is the venue, taking our children plus baby Chloe and Leah’s OH and my Mum and my Sister. So 10 people in all. I could never have imagined that it would be such a palava!!! We’ll be lucky at this rate if we all manage to get there in one piece!! Organisation really ISN’T my thing…… my lovely sister and eldest daughter are harassing helping me..;o)) Couldn’t have done this without them..x

NEW STOCK…..I’m pretty much starting again. You”ll find new things from beads to “Knobs”….yup…you heard correctly..”Knobs”….beautiful glassy treasures for your drawers..;o)

Also new to the scene are beautiful little stud style earrings….

Bead sets in a new range inspired by a wonderfully talented friend…”Eclectic Bead Sets” The perfect amount for the perfect bracelet…;o)  Some examples below.

Then there’s some new BHB’s in matching sets of  5. Single ones always available.



Leaves…..beautifully delicate leaves in different colourways and finishes.


There’s a few more fun things to come too…in the form of magnets and keyrings..;o)






January, just…and I’m back ;o)

Sunday, 29. January 2012

Hi guys….I know it’s been a while, but family and life made making anything a no go.

I’ve been making some bracelets in the Shamballa stylee though and intend to make necklaces and anklets also!

Beads will also resume very soon.

Below are two of the bracelets that are new on, with many more colours and styles coming over the next few days.