Saturday Evening!

Saturday, 6. November 2010

Phew…where does the time seem to go? Yet another week’s gone by and finally I’ve managed to add some more beads and spacers!

It always seems that there are sooo many things to do but so little time!!

Maybe a bit more normal next week…I’ll know by about 9pm tomorrow evening!…….

That’s all for now folks….see you tomorrow!..;o)

New Beads

Thursday, 4. November 2010

Hello everyone :o)  some more new beads for you.

I seem to be somewhat drawn to making hollow beads again!……and to answer the question that seems to be on lots of peoples lips… hollow beads are no more fragile than my normal beads. They can be treated in just the same way as all of my beads!…so…have fun…;o)

Hi and welcome….some more new beads added and a couple more sets of “Spacers To Order”

You’ll find these in my “Fresh Batch” section, or just go straight to “Spacers To Order” section if it’s spacers you’re after.

After a certain colour..?….or maybe you’d like some extras to match your beady purchase…just ask..;o)

Ice Blue Etched

Welcome…more new beads added this evening and a couple of sets of spacers to order…..more to come in different colours!

Here we have some new beads….at last!!……..

Thursday Morning.

Thursday, 4. November 2010

Wow…what a roller coaster week!!….We went snowboarding, rifle shooting and mountain boarding on Saturday!…great fun!!;o) Harrison, the youngest boy (7) was pretty much a natural at it all!…we all had a great time and plan to go back again.

On the beady front….lots of new beads to be listed, so please be patient….i’ve already been swimming again this morning, have two ailing wailings at home and have to leave for swimming(teaching) in a bit…no rest for the wicked!!…

Here’s some of the beads you can expect to find….more spacers too. Don’t forget, if you got a colour in mind, just ask!..;)

I’ll be back again later to put individual pictures and sizes etc…thankyou in advance for your patience….bye for now..x