Monday 28th March

Monday, 28. March 2011 I know I’ve been slower recently, but that may be due to the fact that I put a knife through my finger and out the other side!!..:( ¬†Not on purpose…obviously!!….. The bandage should have come off yesterday, but it’s still quite painful and I keep knocking it!!…so still have it on which is impeding my bead making somewhat!!…having nearly set fire to the bandage for one and not being able to turn the mandrel too well being one of the others!!

Saw a Michael Jackson tribute band on Saturday…that was fun..;o)…now I have blisters on my feet..ouchy!!…

There will be new jewellery soon to, so keep those peepers peeled…;o)

Lots of Beads

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

Well doesn’t time just fly!!!….

Here’s hoping that you’re all well and enjoying some of the Spring weather we’ve been having!..;o)

I know I said there would be some..well…lots actually of BHB’s (Pandora style beads) and there will be I’m just getting round to sorting them all out and photographing them!

There are some new beads on now (some examples below)

Computers drive me nuts!!

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

Will need to just add that any of you lovely observant folk out there may notice that some of my last blog bit has now become attached to this one!?!?…have tried to remove it but sadly to no avail:(

So please just ignore…..


Tuesday 22nd March

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

Hello all you lovely people!!..;o)

I’ve managed to list some new beads….many BHB’s to follow!

A slightly disjointed morning meant things didn’t go quite to plan!…not that that’s any different to most of my days it would seem!!

Below are some of my new “Bling Balls” range. There will be varying colour ways but if you fancy just one particular colour just ask..;o)

Now these are rather lovely too!..very soft visually and to the the touch too!!..mmmm…

New Jewellery to come soon too…watch this space…;o)

Okay…so I’m still alive…just in case you were wondering!!!..;o)

I had a break over Christmas and lost my mojo:(

However…it’s back again now and I have been busy!…A new train of thought to come too!….watch this space!!….


Tuesday, 8. March 2011

Hi everyone…;o)

By the weekend there will be some new beads….and lots and lots of BHB’s (Pandora style)….

I’ve also been busy with a new idea of which I will be using the ashes of a loved it human or pet, you can have something made to carry¬†around with you, wear as jewellery, key fobs….to name but a few. I will work with you on your chosen wishes to produce something wonderful. If this is something that you have an interest in, please feel free to email me to discuss your requirements. These new beads will come under the title of “For Always And Forever” please see test images below for some basic ideas of colour and shape.

The beads below were made from a friend’s Mum’s ashes…she kindly let me borrow her to experiment with!….As a thank you, she gets to keep the beads and I made her a special one because she said her Mum loved the sea…One of my Beach Comber beads.