Tuesday 22nd March

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

Hello all you lovely people!!..;o)

I’ve managed to list some new beads….many BHB’s to follow!

A slightly disjointed morning meant things didn’t go quite to plan!…not that that’s any different to most of my days it would seem!!

Below are some of my new “Bling Balls” range. There will be varying colour ways but if you fancy just one particular colour just ask..;o)

Now these are rather lovely too!..very soft visually and to the the touch too!!..mmmm…

New Jewellery to come soon too…watch this space…;o)

Okay…so I’m still alive…just in case you were wondering!!!..;o)

I had a break over Christmas and lost my mojo:(

However…it’s back again now and I have been busy!…A new train of thought to come too!….watch this space!!….

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