Something Different!…

Thursday, 11. August 2011

Well…hello there peeps!

I seem to have disappeared for ages again!?!…There’s never not really anything going on, but recently seems to have been more so than usual!

Fear not though…I have returned with my mojo intact and new goodies, to hopefully delight you all..;o)

Some of the toppers and fridge magnets are also going to brooches, hair clips/slides, head bands/Alice bands, pendants and hopefully to come…earrings and bracelets!!!

Here’s a few samples of what to expect…

And then a few bead sets…

There’s still more to come just running out of good light to take piccies……

These goodies will be going on over the next couple of days…if you see something you’d like before it’s listed, please email me and I’ll pop it by for you ;o)

Have a great rest of Thursday and a great weekend.

Bye for now. Georgie.x

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