Happy Halloween…;o)

Monday, 31. October 2011

Well…another week has FLOWN by!!?….

I’ve still got a rather strong love for the pure gold leaf…it feels such a sumptuous thing to have on my beads…;o) So…more gold leaf beads to go on!

A few samples below below of what to expect..

Here’s hoping your Halloween’s a good one if you’re up to something special…;o)

Wednesday already!!….

Wednesday, 19. October 2011

Blimey…where do the weeks go!?…I just can’t seem to keep track!..they go by faster and faster!!…

Anyway…I’ve been busy and I’m very excited to show you my new range of pure gold leaf beads!!.. I hope you love them as much as me..;o)

By tomorrow I should have cleaned and strung some beautiful red and gold leaf hollows, amongst some more gold leaf goodies in a variety of colours!!..;o)

Some pictures below to show what to expect..

New beads added.

Monday, 17. October 2011

I seem to be very in the swing of Autumn at the moment!….So Autumnal leaves seem to be the order of the day..;o)

Below are some of what you can expect to see. ┬áMore leaves are being photographed…and made today, so you’ll have a fair few to choose from!

There are a few new “toppers” too!..;o)

Bead sets…there’s a few of these as well!

More beadies added..;o)

Wednesday, 12. October 2011

Hi folks..;o)

I’ve added some more bead sets and there’s also some more fun toppers to come!..will try to get those on later on tomorrow.

The picture below shows what to expect..;o)

Dare I mention that I’ve done some Christmas Puddings too!!!…slap my wrist…;o)