Well Howdy Folks..;o)

Wednesday, 9. November 2011

Hi peeps…I do hope you all had a fabulous November 5th!!..we had a family¬†Fajita night, followed by a rather fun selection of fireworks and sparklers in the garden..;o)

Anyway..it may be somewhat apparent that there are some missing images on my “Beady Goodies” page…I can’t understand why and won’t have time to address this until Sunday/Monday! So I figured If I put up the missing images “here” then if anyone fancied anything, they could view the images here and then purchase if loved enough..;o)

I’ll put the names of them above the picture.

“Cranberry Squidged Hollows”

Darn it…that’s not working either!?….

So…..If you were REALLY interested just by the description alone!…please email me and I’ll send you the relevant images..;o)