No…you’re not seeing things!!…;p

Thursday, 18. October 2012

Hey guys… can now pick yourselves back up off the floor!!…;)

If you’ve got 5 minutes or more, grab a comfy seat and a mug or glass of your favourite drink and have a catch up……….

Things didn’t go quite to plan after OH’s back operation last Christmas and as much as I tried, I just couldn’t keep up:( Along with the news of our eldest daughter, that she was going to make us grandparents! She was still living at home….so the hunt was on to find them a house. May, they should have moved in…that didn’t happen until the end of August!! Baby “Miss Chloe” was born July 22nd..;o)

Youngest daughter was starting and now is at  ”Big” school…where does the time go!?

On top of that….myself and my OH are also getting married this December. Decided in June/July that after 26/27 years together it was time!! Knew that it wouldn’t be a traditional thing..(four children later and all those years…a tad hypocritical!) So decided abroad was the way to go….small and simple! HA!!….how wrong could I be!! Lapland is the venue, taking our children plus baby Chloe and Leah’s OH and my Mum and my Sister. So 10 people in all. I could never have imagined that it would be such a palava!!! We’ll be lucky at this rate if we all manage to get there in one piece!! Organisation really ISN’T my thing…… my lovely sister and eldest daughter are harassing helping me..;o)) Couldn’t have done this without them..x

NEW STOCK…..I’m pretty much starting again. You”ll find new things from beads to “Knobs”….yup…you heard correctly..”Knobs”….beautiful glassy treasures for your drawers..;o)

Also new to the scene are beautiful little stud style earrings….

Bead sets in a new range inspired by a wonderfully talented friend…”Eclectic Bead Sets” The perfect amount for the perfect bracelet…;o)  Some examples below.

Then there’s some new BHB’s in matching sets of  5. Single ones always available.



Leaves…..beautifully delicate leaves in different colourways and finishes.


There’s a few more fun things to come too…in the form of magnets and keyrings..;o)