Georgie Bristow, Bristol based lampwork glass artist

Photo of Georgie Making BeadsHi! My name is Georgie and here you you will find a selection of some of my glassy creations.

My work is evolving and you’ll find beads to wear, beads to turn into jewellery, beads in art form for your home and fused delights in all sorts of forms!

Each bead is made in the flame with the help of a mandrel, bead release, glass and last but not least, and probably the most important, patience!!

All of my beads are made one by one and then placed in the kiln where they will sit and destress themselves slowly! This basically means that when they arrive at your door they are strong and able to withstand life with their new owner!

However…this does not mean that they shouldn’t be treated with care and respect…they are after all glass and may not withstand dropping from great heights!

It must be noted that my beads are NOT toys and can present a choking hazard!

I’m a member of a group of Self Representing Artists in glass work.

Self Representing Artist LogoA self representing artist is someone who creates and sells their own work. A self representing artist does not sell mass produced beads under the SRA logo. They have spent a great deal of time perfecting their work. They love their work and want their clients to love it too. The love of the art is what keeps the self representing artist creating.

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