Spacers – To Order

Here you can order spacers to match your beads or…just because you like the colour!

If there’s a colour you’d like but can’t see…please just ask, and i’d be happy to help!

I’m going to be adding new colours often, so please check back.

Spacers – To Order

Please use this handy purchase section for ordering extra spacers to match the  beads you've just purchased or to request a specific colour.

Here you will find a variety of colours in the very handy spacer bead! If there's a colour that you can't see, but would like...please just ask:)

Each set will contain 10 beads.

Approximate size of between 7mm x 4mm and 8mm x 5mm.

If you need a specific size...again, please just ask!


This product has sold out.

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