Well Howdy Folks..;o)

Wednesday, 9. November 2011

Hi peeps…I do hope you all had a fabulous November 5th!!..we had a family Fajita night, followed by a rather fun selection of fireworks and sparklers in the garden..;o)

Anyway..it may be somewhat apparent that there are some missing images on my “Beady Goodies” page…I can’t understand why and won’t have time to address this until Sunday/Monday! So I figured If I put up the missing images “here” then if anyone fancied anything, they could view the images here and then purchase if loved enough..;o)

I’ll put the names of them above the picture.

“Cranberry Squidged Hollows”

Darn it…that’s not working either!?….

So…..If you were REALLY interested just by the description alone!…please email me and I’ll send you the relevant images..;o)


Wednesday already!!….

Wednesday, 19. October 2011

Blimey…where do the weeks go!?…I just can’t seem to keep track!..they go by faster and faster!!…

Anyway…I’ve been busy and I’m very excited to show you my new range of pure gold leaf beads!!.. I hope you love them as much as me..;o)

By tomorrow I should have cleaned and strung some beautiful red and gold leaf hollows, amongst some more gold leaf goodies in a variety of colours!!..;o)

Some pictures below to show what to expect..


Saturday, 17. September 2011

Well hello lovely people..;o)

I can officially say that I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER leave it soooo long to post new bits on!!…My poor eyes are positively *square*

Having been so enthralled with the topper making to the extent of hardly anything else, I’m getting back on track! Beads again Monday I hope and nice even arrivals of different things in small doses on a regular basis! Time will of course tell, but that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it..;o)

The arrival of my silver work will be putting in an appearance soon too…Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m merely…me!..;o)

Some pics below of what to expect…..

There’s PLENTY more to choose from, just pop along to the  http://www.flamingbeads.co.uk/beady-goodies/toppers/

Something Different!…

Thursday, 11. August 2011

Well…hello there peeps!

I seem to have disappeared for ages again!?!…There’s never not really anything going on, but recently seems to have been more so than usual!

Fear not though…I have returned with my mojo intact and new goodies, to hopefully delight you all..;o)

Some of the toppers and fridge magnets are also going to brooches, hair clips/slides, head bands/Alice bands, pendants and hopefully to come…earrings and bracelets!!!

Here’s a few samples of what to expect…

And then a few bead sets…

There’s still more to come just running out of good light to take piccies……

These goodies will be going on over the next couple of days…if you see something you’d like before it’s listed, please email me and I’ll pop it by for you ;o)

Have a great rest of Thursday and a great weekend.

Bye for now. Georgie.x

New Beads Now On!!!

Tuesday, 21. June 2011

Hello lovely people..;o) At last…the beads are on..yippeeeee..;o)

Here’s some of what you can expect to find…

New Beads To Come!

Sunday, 12. June 2011

Hi everyone…well it’s a jolly wet and miserable Sunday afternoon here today!…Here’s hoping that some of you are having a lot better weather wherever you may be!

I’ve been having a bit of a change around too…you’ll now find a “Sold Beads” section of my website, and if perchance you see something there that you’d like, then just pop me an email and I’ll let you know if it’s a possibility!..;o)

They’re just waiting to be strung, photographed and put on….

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. x

Tuesday 10th May

Tuesday, 10. May 2011

My niece Sophie has a prom to go to…I made her this bracelet.

She popped round after her last fitting and collection of her dress and matched it to these beads…

And a close up….

Wednesday 4th May

Wednesday, 4. May 2011

Thankfully new beadies are now on, and although there are still some issues with my emails, I’ve managed to get on with bits and pieces!

The rain started earlier, it was very fine and then stopped…maybe in for a load tonight!?

Anyway..it was just a quick stop by to let you lovely folk know what was happening!..swimming tomorrow and Saturday, so more beads hopefully on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your week.x

Tuesday 3rd May

Tuesday, 3. May 2011

Due to problems beyond my control, I’m unable to load pictures of my new beads or access my email account!?!? Please hang in there, I’m trying to get to the bottom of it as fast as I can!
It’s driving me nuts and I thank you in advance for your patience

Sunday 1st May.

Sunday, 1. May 2011

Ok..so not managed to put new beads on yet, but hang in there…they’re on they’re way….just have to string, photograph and put them on.

We’ve been sorting out a new kitchen tap today…3 trips back and forward to B&Q to get it sorted, a rather shocking water explosion!!!….lots and lots of tidying in the form of recycling clothes, general chucking out of crap (can I use that word?!…) garden clearing….sighs….so much to do, but at least it’s a start!

More tidying and clearing plus a BBQ for us and our helpers tomorrow, but I will be aiming to pop the pics of beadies on tomorrow..;o)

I do hope that you’re all enjoying your long bank holiday weekend and making the most of the weather and the time. x